Antique Auto Electrics, Global Specialists in Magneto Repairs and Coil Rewinding

Antique Auto Electrics, located on the outskirts of Bendigo in the state of Victoria, Australia is a global provider of repairs and servicing to Magnetos and coils. We can organise freight from and back to any part of the world to repair and service your magneto or coil. 

Magneto prior to restoration, Antique Auto Electrics, Australia           Whatford Magneto Restored, Antique Auto Electrics, Australia

Magneto Repairs

Renault 190HP magnetoWikipedia refers to magnetos as 'a device used in the ignition system of gasoline-powered internal combustion engines to provide pulses of high voltage electrical power to the spark plugs. Once found in every gasoline-powered automobile, it is now confined mainly to lawnmowers, chainsaws, and internal-combustion aviation engines. Magnetos and coils used in early internal-combustion engines generally used the term "tension" in lieu of the more modern term "voltage."'

Antique Auto Electrics, located in Australia, is a specialist business dedicated to repairing and fixing a wide variety of magnetos for a global market. Regardless of your location globally send us an email to discuss repairing or restoring your magneto. For comprehensive magneto repairs and restoration contact Antique Auto Electrics now on the number above or send us an email.

Coil Rewinding

Whatever your antique auto electric coil rewinding needs at Antique Auto Electrics in Australia our skilled tradesmen are highly trained in rewinding coils with an incredible precision and dedication to quality. Located in Australia, we service a large international market with our quality services.